The inspiration behind Fourteen Athletics came from our son Kyle, who passed away on January 23, 2018 due to a stroke at the young age of 14. Kyle was a baseball enthusiast. Many say he was the best for his age, if not one of the best in B.C! From a young age Kyle showed interest in baseball and quickly began to build on his skill while always playing at the highest level. He was not only known for his skills on the field but for his kindness to his teammates and opponents both on and off the field, but as well for his great humbleness and his curly blonde hair.

We not only wanted a way to honour our son but to also inspire future youth who share the same passion for sports as Kyle did. It is our hope that this brand will continue to spread, but to also inspire players of all ages to try their best and reach for their dreams – just like Kyle was doing.

Living in Tsawwassen, BC we have become very involved in our local baseball league. One of Fourteen Athletics core values is to continue to give back to our community and to help improve our grass roots baseball programs here in Delta, BC.  With your support for Fourteen Athletics, you can feel gracious in knowing your purchase will help young aspiring baseball players in Delta, B.C, whether it be through new equipment, uniforms and programs

Thank you from all of us at Fourteen Athletics!

   -The Losse Family